Ninian Reid
but Salmond and Sturgeon have answered your anxieties. Join me by voting #YES here in Perth on Thursday ! on Flickr.
C’mon…you know it makes sense to vote #YES in Perth and across Scotland on Flickr.
DSCF8314 on Flickr.Voye #YES

DSCF8314 on Flickr.

Voye #YES

Rebus backs Scotland’s one in a lifetime YES Campaign for Independence on Flickr.
The Sunday Herald, weighing up all the arguments, urges its readers to vote #YES in the Independence Referendum on Flickr.
Ken Gow of Banchory is to stop buying The Scotsman…yet another protest against anti #YES media bias on Flickr.
Andrew Glover lashes out at anti-YES bias in the columns of the once-great Scotsman newspaper on Flickr.
Foggy Perth, Saturday September 13th, 2014 on Flickr.
A sneak preview of what’s purported to be the 2015 Cliff Richard Calendar on Flickr.